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Summer 2019 GCSE Results

We are delighted with the results of our pupils this year. The number of pupils who have achieved at least 5 A*-C passes including English and Mathematics has increased and results are the best in the last few years. 76% of our pupils achieved A*-C in Science, which we believe will be one of the best results in Wales for similar schools.

There were many individual achievements of note, but we must give a special mention to Hannah Parel, Jodie Langdon, Alfie Richards and Ayesha Gorvett all of whom achieved over 10 A*-As.

I would like to thank the staff and pupil’s families for their work and support, but most of all, congratulations to our pupils on their excellent results.


D Cole



Results day is on Thursday 22nd August.

GCSE results can be collected from 9.00 am for Yr11 and 10.00 am for Yr10.

If you cannot collect your results in person you will need to send a letter in with whoever is collecting them for you. Good Luck

Changes to Bus Services 251/252 from September

There will be changes to the local bus services into Cefn Saeson School, buses 251 and 252, from 2nd September. These changes are primarily to accommodate expected additional pupils, requests from parents about extensions/changes to pick up points and to improve efficiency in the overall service.

Notes for pupils and parents below.

Service 251 (Melin and Neath)

The existing bus and coach running this service will be split into two separate routes run by two service buses. See service 202 for further details.

The 251 will start at Castle Bingo at 07.54 (existing time) and will not serve Old Road Jct Gardners Lane (also known as Melyn Park); this will be covered by service 202 instead. 251 will still proceed to Neath as normal with no time changes.

The 251 will be the only bus dropping off at Castle Bingo in the afternoons.

In the mornings, the bus will display “251 Ridgewood Gardens” at the front, and at the school in the afternoon, the bus will display “251 Melin”.

Service 202 (Lodge Cross and Old Road/Melyn Park)

This service, which already runs between Neath and Heol Morfa in Briton Ferry during the daytime, will now extend to Cefn Saeson School each morning and afternoon replacing the coach service last academic year.

This bus will start at Lodge Cross each morning as requested by several parents whose children have had to make their own way to the Melin up until now.

It will then run along the Old Road and will be the only bus picking up and dropping off at Old Road Jct Gardners Lane (also known as Melyn Park). It will pick up at Melyn Park at the same time as the coach did, i.e. 07.45.

The bus will then head direct to Cefn Saeson as the coach does currently.

On the return journey, the bus will arrive as the other buses are leaving at 14.51 departing at 14.53. It will head down to Neath Bus Station (in addition to service 251) and on to Old Road Jct Gardners Lane/Melyn Park, Lodge Cross and finally Heol Morfa (afternoon only).

Service 202 will not drop off at Castle Bingo in the afternoons due to the one-way system; pupils for this stop will need to catch service 251, i.e. the same bus as in the morning.

In the mornings, the bus will display “202 Cefn Saeson” at the front, and at the school in the afternoon, the bus will display “202 Heol Morfa”.


Service 252 (Stockhams Corner and Westernmoor)

The bus will run 5 minutes earlier in the mornings, leaving Stockhams Corner at 07.54. There will be no other changes.

In the mornings, the bus will display “252 Cefn Saeson & Westernmoor” at the front, and at the school in the afternoon, the bus will display “252 Town Centre”.

A summary of which bus pupils will need to catch by road/bus stop follows:


Stop Service
Lodge Cross 202
Old Road (all stops) 202
Melyn Park 202
Castle Bingo 251
Shillingfords 251
Neath Bus Station AM: 251 only, PM: 251, 252 or 202
Cimla Hotel 251
Lewis Road (Stockhams Corner) 252
Wallace Road 252
Groves Road Shops 252
Bryn Awel 252
Pine Grove 252 (PM only)
Beacons View 252 (PM only)
Cimla Common 251, 252


We do our best to provide enough capacity for all pupils and route our buses accordingly. However, these buses are normal public services rather than dedicated school buses, and because pupils are not allocated a space on each bus (and as such we are not aware of how many people will use the bus), we cannot guarantee that there will be enough capacity to carry every pupil waiting at each bus stop.

All our buses have standee capacity and are designed to carry a certain amount of seated and standing passengers safely with provision of handrails. It is not a requirement that pupils must be sitting down as the buses we provide are regular public service buses. The driver will not allow the total capacity of the vehicle to be exceeded, and as such, despite there being standing passengers, the bus will not be “overloaded”.

Tickets are bought from the driver on the bus. Pupils must show their valid ticket upon boarding every morning and afternoon. The price of a weekly ticket from September will be £8.50.

Click Links below to download new timetables from 2nd September:

202 from 2nd September 2019

251 from 2nd September 2019

252 from 2nd September 2019

Welsh Government Grant 2019

If you are the parent or guardian of a pupil eligible for free school meals entering Y7 or Y10 in September 2019, you may be eligible for a grant to assist with uniform and equipment costs.

The funding is also available to all looked after children of compulsory school age.  Details and information about how to apply are included on the letter link below.

Grant Information

ICT Workshop Day – Swansea University

Forty of our pupils had a great day yesterday at an ICT Workshop in Swansea University organised by The Transformation Trust, in conjunction with Dell Computers.

The Transformation Trust is partnered with Dell to develop the Powering Transformation programme. This is a fully funded, one day programme in which pupils took part in a workshop using the latest Dell technology. The programme consisted of a collaborative problem-solving challenge with a focus on community activism, where students will have the opportunity to design their own technological solution to a social issue of their choosing.

The workshop hosted by Swansea University, gave our pupils the invaluable experience of visiting a university and spending time on a university campus. Alongside the Dell workshop, pupils were supervised by student ambassadors and staff to give them a taste of university life and to spark an interest in pursuing higher education in the future.

@SwanseaUni @The_TTrust @Dell4Impact #PoweringTransformation2019

MAY BANK HOLIDAY 2020 (Friday 8th)

For those who missed it in the news over the weekend, the UK Government has announced that the tradition of assigning the first Monday of May as a public Bank Holiday will be pushed back a few days in 2020 to Friday, 8th May instead in order to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  Therefore, Monday, 4th May, 2020 will now be a normal working day.


This year, the Performing Arts students and staff at Cefn Saeson have taken on what is quickly becoming a modern classic: School of Rock.

Based on the hit film, this hilarious new musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. There he turns a class of straight-A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. While teaching these pint-sized prodigies what it means to truly rock, Dewey falls for the school’s beautiful, but uptight headmistress, helping her rediscover the wild child within. Featuring 14 new songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber and all the original songs from the movie, this high-octane smash delivers face-melting guitar riffs and touching romance in equally awesome doses!