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Firstly, we’ve been planning our open events, which are going ahead according to their original schedule. We have had a look at how some other HE and FE institutions have conducted open events in the time of the pandemic, and we felt they lacked the personal approach of a ‘real’ open event. Therefore, we’ve decided to host a virtual open event on Wednesday 24 June that will be held entirely face-to-face using Zoom meetings. There will be two sessions on the day at 2 pm-4 pm and 5 pm-7 pm. More details can be found here:

 In addition to this, we are incredibly disappointed to have had to cancel the Year 10 Taster Days. So we’ve been working hard to recreate the experience virtually. Our staff have been working to create short taster videos that cover all subject areas we offer. These videos provide an interesting introduction to subjects/areas. All the videos can be found at the following link:


1st June 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Year 11 had a very abrupt end to their school life with us at Cefn Saeson. Whilst we are unable offer them their usual leaver day activities we feel it is important to celebrate their time with us and would like to give them the opportunity to purchase leavers hoodies.

The hoodies will have the school badge on the front and the names of all pupils in their year group on the back.  The pupils have voted for their choice of colour and the most popular colour was sapphire blue.

The sizes available are:

XS                   34”

SMALL            36”

MEDIUM         38”

LARGE            40”

X LARGE         42”

XX LARGE       44”

The cost of the hoodies is £20 and this is to be paid via parent pay.  The deadline for ordering and making payment is MONDAY 22nd JUNE. No orders will be accepted after this date as pupils will be removed from the school system at the end of June and we be unable to process payment.  The hoodies will probably be available to pupils in September, we are currently unable to give a delivery date as this will obviously depend on the situation with schools reopening but I will keep you updated on this.

Once payment has been made please email with the following information:

Pupil name

Pupil d.o.b

Size of hoodie

Yours faithfully



hoodie letters


To all Cefn Saeson Pupils,

I have been looking at the work that many of you are submitting via the TEAMs APP. We’re really pleased with the hard work you are doing in the difficult situation. For those that are comfortable using TEAMs, keep doing what you are doing!

I have been told that some pupils are not comfortable using TEAMS, so are doing alternative tasks using recommended websites such as BBC Bitesize etc. (By the way,  and are great sites to use! The password for My Maths has been emailed out to you on your hwbmail). If you prefer to continue using other internet sites, that is absolutely fine.

But, if you are using other sites, can you please send your teacher a screenshot of any work, or just email them an indication of the work that you are doing.

emails are – 

We can then award RRP points, and merits, to all pupils doing work. Currently, we have only been able to award RRP points to work sent to us on TEAMS.

If you have any specific questions, please email me or your Maths teacher.

Keep safe,

Mr Slarke


If your child has forgotten their Hwb username or password, or has any other Hwb-related queries, please contact the school ICT team by clicking the link below:-


or alternatively go to Contact Us>Help to fill out the form

We will endeavour to provide you with access details / solution as soon as possible.

Any issues with filling out the form or that aren’t related to Hwb then please email:-


Good Morning All,

Something a little bit different to usual. Today is VE Day (May 8th) and he History Department have put together some amazing tasks to help you to understand why commemoration of this day is so important. You can complete these tasks today (as it is the day!) or look at them next week if you would prefer.

  1. Watch the short clip and find out what VE Day means.  Please remember it does not mark the end of World War Two.  Click on the link below.
  2. If you would like to read a little bit more about VE Day click on the next link (Newsround link)
  3. Download the Wartime Recipe Booklet and try one of the recipes!  Throughout World War Two rationing and low food supplies meant that people had to cook with the ingredients they had available. Something we can all relate to right now.  By the way, the pancake recipe says wholemeal flour – if you don’t have it substitute it for another flour, it will still work!
  4. (Optional Task) Do you have a relative who was old enough to remember VE day? Conduct a phone/ FaceTime interview, I’m sure they would love to hear from you!  My Nan is 95 and still remembers clearly the celebrations on the streets of Cardiff.  My Grandfather was still fighting the Japanese in Burma.  Some questions you can ask…
  • How old were you in May 1945?
  • Where were you?
  • What can you remember about the celebrations?
  • What music was being played?
  • Were you with your family?  Were any friends / family members still away fighting?
  • How quickly did life get back to normal?
  • Consider some of your own questions and write down all the answers as you conduct your phone / FaceTime interview!

Upload a picture of your cooking / interview, the best will be put forward for Mr Cole’s Head Teacher Award!