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Dear Year 7 pupils and parents,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Cefn Saeson today at 8.30am. You will be met by staff and guided to the auditorium where you will meet your Head of Year, your Form Tutors and you will told the plan for the day. Any questions that you have will be answered by your form tutors.

Pin numbers for parent pay will be allocated to you. Once you have returned your forms your parent pay account will be active. Until then you can purchase food from the school canteen as a deficit account that can be settled once the account is live.

School will end at 2.45pm when you will be dismissed either to walk, take the bus or met by your parents in the pupils drop off/pick up area.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


We are excited to see our pupils in their new uniforms and thank you for your continued support and positive feedback.
We have had several uniform queries over the holidays.
Just to clarify:
  • There is a year transition where pupils may wear the old uniform
  • For pupils in Year 10 & 11 wearing the new uniform, the blazer is a compulsory part of the new uniform. A jumper may be worn underneath the blazer. Jumpers will not be permitted to be worn instead of blazers
  • Non uniform items i.e. hoodies will not be permitted
We are looking forward to seeing you very soon.


We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 7 pupils on Friday 3rd of September. We also look forward to seeing our Year 8-11 pupils on Monday, 6th of September. We are pleased to inform you that pupils are not required to wear face masks within the school, however, they will still be required to wear them for bus transportation. We kindly request that your child please brings a mask in their bag should guidelines change.

It has also been recommended that any pupil PRIOR to returning to school takes 2x LFD tests, 2/3 days apart with the second test being as close to the first day back as possible, ideally the morning that term starts, and the result of the tests be recorded. The information in the link below gives advice as to how you can access LFD tests. Once term starts the school will provide pupils with tests kits (or these can be collected from the school reception from 9am – 2pm on Thursday & Friday of this week. Lateral Flow test kits can also be collected from local test sites, and some community collection points.

We are looking forward to the start of term and are hoping that with these measures in place Cefn Saeson can continue to be a vibrant, healthy, school community.


Congratulations to all our pupils who are receiving their results today. You have worked extremely hard during what a been a very tough and unprecedented time and should feel very proud of what you have achieved. You have shown great resilience, discipline and determination and for that we are very proud of you. Well done all! We wish you all the very best in the future.
Dave Cole, Headteacher

A very well done to all the pupils and staff at Cefn Saeson for another set of excellent results. Your hard work and effort has certainly paid off. Congratulations all /Llongyfarchiadau pawb.
Councillor Peter Rees, Chair of Governors 



Year 11 pupils will receive their results in the mail. Results will be with pupils on the 12th August.

All Y10 results that were given in June have remained the same. If you would like a copy then you can collect them from the school exams office before 1pm today, they will also be available when you return in September.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all pupils on their amazing G.C.S.E. results and to wish Year 11 the best of luck for their futures.
If you have any concerns or questions I will be in school on the 12th of August to try to help.

‘Keeping safe online’ update 15 July 2021


‘Keeping safe online’ update 15 July 2021 Diweddariad ‘Cadw’n ddiogel ar-lein’ 15 Gorffennaf 2021
Stay true to yourself online

We can all fall in to the trap of comparing our lives to others. Don’t be fooled by the filter!


Visit the our page for practitioners, families and young people about self-esteem and social media on ‘Keeping safe online’.

Byddwch yn driw i chi’ch hun ar-lein

Mae pawb yn gallu mynd i’r fagl o gymharu eu bywydau â bywydau pobl eraill. Peidiwch â gadael i’r hidlydd eich twyllo!


Ewch i’n tudalen ar gyfer ymarferwyr, teuluoedd a phobl ifanc ynglŷn â hunan-barch a’r cyfryngau cymdeithasol ar ‘Cadw’n ddiogel ar-lein’.

App reviews from Net Aware

The latest Net Aware app reviews for Signal, Omegle, Netflix, Among Us and Honk are now available for parents and carers bilingually on Hwb

Adolygiadau apiau Net Aware

Mae adolygiadau apiau diweddaraf Net Aware ar gyfer Signal, Omegle, Netflix, Among Us and Honk ar gael nawr i rieni a gofalwyr ar Hwb

New Thinkuknow resources available bilingually on Hwb

Lesson plans and activities for 4-7 year olds and 8-10 year olds to develop knowledge, skills and the confidence to stay safe online.

Adnoddau newydd Thinkuknow ar gael yn ddwyieithog ar Hwb

Cynlluniau gwersi a gweithgareddau ar gyfer plant 4-7 oed a dysgwyr 8-10 oed i ddatblygu gwybodaeth, sgiliau a’r hyder i gadw’n ddiogel ar-lein.



Cefn Saeson’s new term starts on Friday 3rd of September for new Year 7 pupils only. All other pupils in Year 8-11 will start school on Monday 6th September.
May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of the school and hope that we can look forward to a new academic year.

Pupil Development Grant – Access

Welsh Government has introduced a PDG Access Grant. The purpose of which is to provide grant assistance to families on low incomes for the purchase of:

  • School uniform including coats and shoes;
  • School sports kit including footwear;
  • Uniform for enrichment activities, including but not limited to, scouts; guides; cadets; martial arts; sports; performing arts or dance;
  • Equipment e.g. school bags and stationery;
  • Specialist equipment where new curriculum activities begin such as design and technology; and
  • Equipment for out of school hour’s trips such as outdoor learning e.g. waterproofs.
  • Laptops or tablets

We advise families to contact their child’s school/setting to discuss loaning equipment before purchasing.

Click the link below for further information and details how to apply online:

Pupil Development Grant – Access (