Chromebook Insurance


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am writing to inform you of our Chromebook insurance offer. As a school, we are extremely proud that we have been able to loan every child a Chromebook to assist in their everyday learning. Your child is responsible for keeping their Chromebook safe, however, we know that accidents can happen. Last year, a number of Chromebooks were accidently damaged, some beyond repair with significant cost to parents. Whist we have secured a repair discount with local firm CASEC Computers in Skewen, repair cost are still significantly higher than the cost of insurance, for example:

  • Broken/Smashed screen repair £75 – £100 depending on model
  • Hinge replacements £45
  • Restore £35
  • Keyboard replacements £30-45

We highly recommend that you take out insurance on your child’s loaned Chromebook. You may wish to source your own insurance or add the device to an existing house insurance policy.  Alternatively, we have partnered with the company EDDE Education to provide you with the option of insuring your child’s Chromebook against accidental damage. You can purchase this insurance by clicking this link You will need the Chromebook serial number to register the device. Pricing of the insurance at the time of writing is:

Chromebook AD&T Insurance, no excess (this can be paid in full or by instalments).

  • 1 Year policy – £28 Code: CSCS5-5

The insurance is excellent value with two successful claims permitted for any device in a rolling 12-month period. This will commence from the date of the first successful incident.

If you opt to take out one of the above policies, it is important that your child knows how to keep their equipment safe. It is imperative that they follow these guidelines so that EDDE can fix their equipment if an accident does happen:

  • All Chromebooks must be in a protective case at all times even when not in use at school or at home. The school has purchased a number of protective cases which are available for £8.99 (payable in advance on Parent Pay). A case must be purchased, either from us or elsewhere before you can take out the insurance.
  • It is important to keep your equipment protected as wear & tear of the equipment is not covered. For example, if a button should fall off without any impact or other visible damage this would not be covered.

Once you have signed up, all claims must be made through EDDE Education and not via the school. Uninsured devices will unfortunately not be replaced by the school and it will remain the responsibility of the parent to repair or replace the Chromebook. If you wish to use CASEC Computers for repairs on uninsured devices, mention Cefn Saeson to receive a 10% discount.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D. L. R. Cole (Headteacher)



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Example: Slim Protective Sleeve with Carry Handle and Zipped Storage for Chromebooks,
Netbooks and Laptops Up to 14 inch – Black

These can be ordered via PARENT PAY @ £9.99

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