Staff List (OLD 04-12-2020)

Mr. D. Cole Headteacher: Strategic Planning, Whole School Evaluation, Finance, Data Analysis,

AOLE Line Manager – Maths & Numeracy, SENC & Hillside

Mrs. R. Reed Deputy Headteacher: Whole School Self-evaluation, School Improvement and Quality Assurance, Teaching & Learning, Staff Development and Performance Management, Primary Liaison. AOLE Line Manager – Science &Technology, Humanities & ALN
Mr. S. Moyse Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum Design, Assessment Recording and Reporting, 14-19 Pathway, Health and Safety. 2021 School Build
Mrs. V Anderson Head of Lower School:  KS3 Support & Care System, KS3 HOY, Lead operational Safeguarding Officer for KS3, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, KS3 Attendance, Transition.

AOLE SLT Senior Link: Health & Wellbeing

Mrs. S Humphries Head of Upper School: KS4 Support & Care systems, KS4 HOY, Designated Safeguarding Officer, Lead operational Safeguarding Officer for KS4, KS4 Attendance, ITT provision
Mr. J. Griffiths Assistant Headteacher: Pupil Progress, Pupil groups, Welsh Baccalaureate, NQT Mentor

AOLE Line Manager – Creative Arts

Mrs. B. Marks Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum Reform inc. appropriate grants, Skills Progression  LNF & DCF, Pupil Voice, School Publicity,

AOLE SLT Senior Link: Literacy, Language & Communication,

Mrs. A. Powis Business Manager: Personnel, Finance, School Fund, GDPR – Senior Information Risk Officer , Health & Safety, Clerk to the Governing Body, Heads PA, Management of all Support Staff
STAFF NAME Whole School Responsibility
Mrs. K Evans More able and talented pupils
Ms. S. Roberts School Council
Miss. D. Lightfoot Literacy Coordinator
Mr. J Myles Numeracy Coordinator
Mr. D. Evans DCF Coordinator


Mrs. L. George Subject Leader of  English
Mrs. R. Fender Teacher/ ALN English
Dr. C. Mills Teacher, English and English Support
Miss. S. Kelso Teacher, English
Miss D. Lightfoot Teacher, Temporary Teacher of Basic Skills, Literacy Coordinator
Mrs. F Goss Teacher, English


Mr. G. Slarke Subject Leader of Mathematics
Mrs. V. Anderson Teacher of Mathematics  &  Head of Lower School (KS3) / HOY 9
Miss E. A. Parry Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. R. Jones Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. James Myles Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs. C.  Webborn Teacher of Mathematics


Mrs. C. Francis Head of Science & Technology Faculty
Mr. M. Thomas Teacher of  Physics  and Head of Year 7
Mr. A. Thomas Teacher of Physics / Chemistry
Mrs. S. Humphries Teacher of Biology &  Head of Upper School (KS4) / HOY 10 & 11
Miss A Murphy Teacher of Biology
Miss L. Evans Teacher of Chemistry and Head of year 8


Mrs. R. Thomas Subject Leader of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S. Griffiths Teacher of  MFL
Miss S Billen Teacher in Charge of Bilingualism and Welsh across the Curriculum
Miss E Sion Teacher of Welsh


Mrs. R. Mason Subject Leader of Geography
Miss L. Morris Teacher of Religion, Ethics & Philosophy / HOY 10 & 11
Mr. G Jones GTP Humanities & Vocational Studies
Mrs. L. Williams Subject Leader of History
Ms. S. Roberts Teacher History


Mr. A Evans Teacher of  Design Technology
Miss H. Forshaw Teacher of Food Technology
Mr. A. David Teacher of Design Technology


Mr. D. Evans Head of ICT
Miss L Bowen Teacher of ICT


Mrs. B. Lougher Head of  P.E.
Miss. B. Morgan GTP Student Health & Social Care
Mr C Banfield Teacher of PE
Mr D Williams Teacher of PE (part time) / Teaching Assistant PE
Mrs. N. Ellard Subject Leader of Art
Miss J. Collins Teacher of Art
Mrs. K. Evans Subject Leader of Music
Mr. G Thomas Teacher of Music and Drama


Mrs. R. Gibbins ALNCO
Mrs. L. Chilcott Teacher of COPE, Princes Trust, English
Mrs. C. Yeomans Teaching Assistant (cover supervision) – part time
Mrs. P. Newton Teaching Assistant / (cover supervision)
Mrs. K. Davies Teaching Assistant  – Speech & Language  Support (cover supervision) part time
Mrs. B. Thomas Teaching Assistant – Literacy Support (cover supervision) part time
Mrs. J. Williams Teaching Assistant – Numeracy Support
Mrs. K. Elkins Reprographics / Cover Supervisor
Miss R. Flowers Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Pritchard Teaching Assistant (part time)
Miss E Butterworth Teaching Assistant – Cover Supervisor / (Peer Mentor) / H&S Care
Mrs. C  James Teaching Assistant – Cover Supervisor
Mrs. A Jones Cover Supervisor
Mrs. D Evans Caredig Pastoral Support Worker
Mr. A Hughes Caredig Pastoral Support Worker


Mrs. A. Powis Business Manager / Clerk to Governors / Heads PA
Mrs. L. Corish Administration Assistant
Miss E. Finn Administration Assistant
Miss S. Davies Administration Assistant
Mrs. N Edwards Administration Assistant (Exams Officer/First Aid)
Mrs. S Jones Caredig Administration Support
Miss J Powell Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs L Hopkins Cleaner
Mrs J Hale Cleaner
Mrs D Hancox Cleaner
Mrs D Juskiewicz Cleaner
Mr G Hazel Catering Manager
Mrs C Brook Cook
Mrs W Black Kitchen Assistant
Mrs B Fernquest Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Hale Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Hopkins Kitchen Assistant
Mrs T Weaver Supervisory Assistant
Mr J Byrnes Senior Caretaker
Mr P Harris Assistant Caretaker
Mr C Chapman Senior ICT Technician
Mr M Lowe ICT Technician
Mrs C Bell Assistant Head in the SENC
Mr M Hartnoll Teacher
Mrs S John Teaching Assistant
Miss L Mellors Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Davies Teaching Assistant