Following recent reports in relation to indiscriminate parking in the area near to Cefn Saeson school, South Wales Police in conjunction with the education Authority and Neath Port Talbot county Borough Council, will be conducting a positive action policy.

Complaints have been received in relation to parking which can effect both the emergency services and the local community. If this continues considerable disruption and danger could be caused.

This letter is to remind you of the dangers of parking illegally outside or near to a school.

It is our priority to maintain a safe environment for the children of this area when they are both attending and leaving their school. As a result the police will be taking positive action against any person parked illegally.

It is not only an offence, which may result in points on your license and a fine, it may also cause increased insurance premiums.

I am sure that with your co-operation there will be no requirement to prosecute, however if this is what is required to maintain the safety of your children action will be taken.

To assist us with this I would request that you give yourself sufficient time to get to the school and park legally giving due consideration to the safety of all the children.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Neath neighbourhood Policing Team.