Collecting your GCSE or vocational qualification results on Thursday? Find everything you need to know on the WJEC Results Day pages:




If you wish to appeal a result then there are different services available to you, via the awarding bodies and applied for via the school. There is a charge for these services, and results may be lowered as a result. The deadlines and a summary of these services are below. You must contact the school to discuss any appeal in the first instance, and your consent will be required in writing before any appeal can be actioned.

You may be able to request to see your exam paper before deciding to proceed with a further appeal, or the school may agree to do this on your behalf. The deadline for requests for this service to be submitted to the awarding body is 7TH SEPTEMBER and issued by 14th September.

  • Service 1 (Clerical re-check – cost per unit £11) – All parts of the script have been marked, totaling and recording of marks in correct.

DEADLINE TO BE RECEIVED BY AWARDING BODY 28TH SEPTEMBER – outcome issued within 10 calendar days of application.

 Service 2 (Review of marking – cost per unit £40) – A review of marking to ensure the mark scheme has been applied correctly, to identify an administrative error, a failure to apply the mark scheme where a task has only a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, an        unreasonable exercise of academic judgement. The script will not be re-marked, only errors in original marking will be reviewed.

DEADLINE TO BE RECEIVED BY AWARDING BODY 28TH SEPTEMBER – outcome issued within 20 calendar days of application.

If you have any queries with your results, or wish to make an appeal, please contact, Amy Jenkins the Examinations Officer as soon as possible, on exams@cefnsaeson.school

 The exams officer will be available in school on the 25th August, 30th August, 1st September and the 4th September before the children are back on the 5th September.


GCSE Certificates

Your certificates will be available for collection from the main office after 5th November 2023. Please ensure you collect your certificates as you will need these for future employment. Exam certificates are destroyed after 2 years by the school.