Welsh Assembly Goverment Information

Welsh Assembly Goverment Information

The Welsh Government advice before you send pupils to schools:


Here’s a summary:

1. Everyone who can must minimise social contact and make sure anyone particularly vulnerable can adopt strict social distancing.

2. Schools and childcare are only open to the smallest number of children possible – but children shouldn’t be left with anyone who should be following strict social distancing, eg those over 70 or with the relevant underlying health conditions.

3. Only particularly vulnerable children and the children of people whose work is critical to the Covid-19 response should be in school. And even for critical workers, that’s only if there is no safe alternative.

4.If one parent is a critical worker but the other isn’t, the other should look after the kids at home if possible.

5. If you’ve seen different advice from different councils, they’re doing everything they can but initial plans will now adapt and change.