Staff List 2020-21

STAFF LIST 2020-21

Mr. D. Cole Headteacher: Whole School Self-Evaluation, Strategic Planning & School Improvement, School Finance, Data Analysis – Attainment & Progress of Learners, SLT Senior Link: Hillside, SENC. AOLE SLT Senior Link: Maths & Numeracy
Mrs. R. Reed Deputy Headteacher: Whole school Self –Evaluation, Strategic Planning & School Improvement, Quality Assurance Processes, Teaching & Learning & Curriculum Reform,Staff Development Officer, Performance Management, Primary Liaison, AOLE SLT Senior Link: Science & Technology, Humanities, ALN.
Mr. S. Moyse Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum Model & Planning, Sims Manager* 14-19 Pathway, 2021 School Build, Exams*
Mrs. V Anderson Head of Lower School: KS3 Support & Care System, KS3 HOY *including tracking attainment & progress of pupils, Lead operational Safeguarding Officer for KS3, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, KS3 Attendance, Transition, AOLE SLT Senior Link: Health & Wellbeing.
Mrs. S Humphries Head of Upper School: KS4 Support & Care systems, KS4 HOY *Including tracking attainment & progress of pupils, Designated Safeguarding Officer,
Lead operational Safeguarding Officer for KS4, KS4 Attendance, ITT provision.
Mr. J. Griffiths Assistant Headteacher: Tracking Attainment & Progress of groups of Learners (eFSM, LAC, Gender, MAT), WB Manager, AOLE SLT Senior Link: Expressive Arts.
Mrs. B. Marks Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum Reform inc. appropriate grants, Skills Progression LNF & DCF, Pupil Voice: Rights Respecting School, School Publicity, ARR, NQT & GTP Programme, AOLE SLT Senior Link: LLC.
Mrs. A. Powis Business Manager: Personnel, Finance, School Fund, GDPR – Senior Information Risk Officer, Health & Safety, Clerk to the Governing Body, Heads PA, Management of all Support Staff


STAFF NAME Whole School Responsibility
Mrs K Evans More able and talented pupils
Ms S Roberts School Council
Mr G Pritlove Numeracy Coordinator
Miss D Lightfoot Literacy Coordinator
Mr J Myles 2nd in Department for Maths
Mr D Evans DCF Coordinator


Mrs L George Subject Leader of  English
Mrs R Fender Teacher/ ALN English
Dr C Mills Teacher, English and English Support
Miss S Kelso Teacher, English
Miss D Lightfoot Teacher, Teacher of Basic Skills, Literacy Coordinator
Mrs F Goss Teacher, English


Mr G Slarke Subject Leader of Mathematics
Mrs V Anderson Teacher of Mathematics  &  Head of Lower School (KS3)
Mr G Pritlove Teacher of Mathematics / Numeracy Coordinator
Miss H Hodge Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Myles Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs C  Webborn Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Battell Teacher of Mathematics & Science


Mrs C Francis Head of Science & Technology Faculty
Mr M Thomas Teacher of  Physics  and Head of Year for KS3
Mr A Thomas Teacher of Physics / Chemistry
Mrs S Humphries Teacher of Biology &  Head of Upper School (KS4)
Miss A Murphy Teacher of Biology
Miss L. Evans Teacher of Chemistry and Head of Year (KS3)
Miss S Palmer Teacher of Chemistry
Miss J Jones Teacher of Biology and Welsh


Mrs R Thomas Subject Leader of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Griffiths Teacher of  MFL
Miss K Leary Teacher of MFL (covering Maternity Leave)
Miss S Billen Teacher in Charge of Bilingualism and Welsh across the Curriculum
Miss E Siôn Teacher of Welsh


Mrs R Mason Subject Leader of Geography
Miss L Morris Teacher of Religion, Ethics & Philosophy / HOY  (KS4)
Mr G Jones Teacher of Humanities & Vocational Studies
Mrs L Williams Subject Leader of History
Ms S Roberts Teacher History


Mr A Evans Teacher of  Design Technology
Miss H Forshaw Teacher of Food Technology
Miss R Owen Teacher of Food (part time) and Teaching Assistant
Mr A David Teacher of Design Technology


Mr D Evans Head of ICT
Miss L Bowen Teacher of ICT & Business Studies


Mr C Banfield Subject Leader of  P.E.
Miss B Rees-Morgan Teacher of PE / Health & Social Care
Miss E Edwards Teacher of PE
Mr D Williams Teacher of PE
Mrs N Ellard Subject Leader of Art
Miss J Collins Teacher of Art
Mrs K Evans Subject Leader of Music
Mr G Thomas Teacher of Music and Drama


Mrs R Gibbins ALNCO
Mrs L Chilcott Teacher of COPE, Princes Trust, English
Mrs B Lougher Teacher in PIC / PSE
Mrs C Yeomans Teaching Assistant (Pastoral Support)
Mrs P Newton Teaching Assistant / (cover supervision)
Mrs K Davies Teaching Assistant  – Speech & Language Support
(cover supervision) part time
Mrs B Thomas Teaching Assistant – Literacy Support
Mrs J Roberts Teaching Assistant – Numeracy Support
Miss S Davies Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Pritchard Teaching Assistant (part time)
Miss E Butterworth Teaching Assistant – Cover Supervisor / (Peer Mentor) / H&S Care
Mrs. C  James Teaching Assistant – Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Jones Cover Supervisor
Mrs D Evans Caredig Pastoral Support Worker
Mr A Hughes Caredig Pastoral Support Worker
Miss K Turner Teaching Assistant / Assistant Exam officer
Mr J Williams Teaching Assistant (1-1)
Mr O Cole Teaching Assistant (1-1)
Miss G Border Teaching Assistant (PIC)


Mrs A Powis Business Manager / Clerk to Governors / Heads PA
Mrs L Corish Administration Assistant
Miss E Finn Administration Assistant
Miss S Davies Administration Assistant
Mrs S Jones Administration Assistant
Mrs N Edwards Administration Assistant
Mrs K Elkins Reprographics
Miss J Powell Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs L Hopkins Cleaner
Mrs J Hale Cleaner
Mrs D Hancox Cleaner
Mrs D Juskiewicz Cleaner
Mr G Hazel Catering Manager
Mrs C Brook Cook
Mrs W Black Kitchen Assistant
Mrs B Fernquest Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Hale Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Hopkins Supervisory Assistant
Mrs T Weaver Kitchen Assistant
Mr J Byrnes Premises Manager
Mr P Harris Assistant Caretaker
Mr C Chapman Senior ICT Technician
Mr M Lowe ICT Technician
Mrs C Bell Assistant Head in the SENC
Miss C Humphries Teacher
Mr M Hartnoll Teacher
Mrs S John Teaching Assistant
Miss L Mellors Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Davies Teaching Assistant