Hello everybody,

How are you all keeping in these strange times? You must look after yourselves and your family. Wash your hands and keep your social distance.

I am hoping that you, like myself, are in isolation. It is vital that we are not infected by the Coronavirus. This will not be here forever, so let’s keep on learning.

Whilst in isolation I am taking on new hobbies. Something to do to occupy my mind. To learn. I am doing far more daily exercise in and around the house, daily gardening, improving my piano playing with 2 songs, cooking 3 Chinese meals and reading 5 novels. I get bored watching TV all the time.

What could your Challenge be? Below are some suggestions but you can select anything that shows that you have improved a skill.

Exercise skills – having a PEP in the house

Reading – knowing a story / stories in depth

Gardening – digging, preparing and planting seeds

Playing a musical instrument – practices and learn a new song (s)

Baking – how to bake cakes / scones etc

Cooking – making meals for the family

Games – Learn draughts, chess, card games etc

Origami – creating objects from paper

Netball – shooting and defence

Football – keep ups and tricks

IT – computer programmes

Rugby – passing / throwing to specific slots e.g. ladder rungs

Bicycle – tricks

Painting – a picture you have in your mind

Parents – what skill can you teach your child eg First Aid

Year 10 and 11

You know that your GCSEs will be assessed by your teacher and not an exam in June. Why not impress them with some amazing research notes on a particular topic that you will want to study at BTec or A level. I could forward this to your teacher and I am sure that they could take this extra work into account to possibly boost your grade!

Good luck. Use this free time to develop your own learning.

Please email your replies to Mr Griffiths:

Link to PDF Document here: Skills-1