Dear parent/guardian,
We are looking forward to welcoming pupils back to school from the 15th March. This is our provisional plan for the return to school, however, we are awaiting further information from the Welsh Government which may result in a change to the allocated days.
Year 7, 8 & 9
For the two weeks leading up to Easter pupils will be in for one day per week for their check in session. Pupils will be in on the same day each week.
Year 7 – Monday
Year 8 – Tuesday
Year 9 – Thursday
Year 10
Year 10 will be in on a Wednesday to undertake work with the English and Maths departments.
Year 11
Year 11 will be in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for full days will an allocated session on a Wednesday to undertake an extended Welsh lesson.
On the days that pupils are not in school the day will start as usual with a live registration session, and, online, distance learning will continue at home.
Thank you for your continued support.