We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 7 pupils on Friday 3rd of September. We also look forward to seeing our Year 8-11 pupils on Monday, 6th of September. We are pleased to inform you that pupils are not required to wear face masks within the school, however, they will still be required to wear them for bus transportation. We kindly request that your child please brings a mask in their bag should guidelines change.

It has also been recommended that any pupil PRIOR to returning to school takes 2x LFD tests, 2/3 days apart with the second test being as close to the first day back as possible, ideally the morning that term starts, and the result of the tests be recorded. The information in the link below gives advice as to how you can access LFD tests. Once term starts the school will provide pupils with tests kits (or these can be collected from the school reception from 9am – 2pm on Thursday & Friday of this week. Lateral Flow test kits can also be collected from local test sites, and some community collection points.

We are looking forward to the start of term and are hoping that with these measures in place Cefn Saeson can continue to be a vibrant, healthy, school community.