To all Cefn Saeson Pupils,

I have been looking at the work that many of you are submitting via the TEAMs APP. We’re really pleased with the hard work you are doing in the difficult situation. For those that are comfortable using TEAMs, keep doing what you are doing!

I have been told that some pupils are not comfortable using TEAMS, so are doing alternative tasks using recommended websites such as BBC Bitesize etc. (By the way,  and are great sites to use! The password for My Maths has been emailed out to you on your hwbmail). If you prefer to continue using other internet sites, that is absolutely fine.

But, if you are using other sites, can you please send your teacher a screenshot of any work, or just email them an indication of the work that you are doing.

emails are – 

We can then award RRP points, and merits, to all pupils doing work. Currently, we have only been able to award RRP points to work sent to us on TEAMS.

If you have any specific questions, please email me or your Maths teacher.

Keep safe,

Mr Slarke