Just a short note to give out some information before the Easter fortnight. During these difficult times, although we are separated physically, it is important that we stay in contact electronically and work together to support each other. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for the messages of support the school has received over the last few weeks.

The school has been open for the past two weeks to help support childcare for key workers who would miss a shift without this service. For the Easter fortnight this provision will still be available but it will be at Catwg Primary School (SA10 8BL). I will send out the usual email to key workers who have indicated that they may require this service to explain the process. If you are a key worker that has previously said you do not need the service and now circumstances have changed, please contact the school to let us know.

Some families with children entitled to free school meals have been collecting grab bags over the past two weeks. From Monday this service will change to a direct payment by the Local Education Authority. You will receive an email explaining the change and the new system, from the Director of education, towards the end of this week.

I am aware that most pupils have been accessing work on’ teams’ and that has been going well. Teachers are reporting to me that they can see and comment on pupils work. Also, new work has been entered for each subject this week and will be updated on a weekly basis after the Easter fortnight. Please remember that during these difficult times we are not trying to maintain a full curriculum, but provide some work to help with your family’s routine while you are at home. The work is intended to support your child and family’s well-being. I am aware that there will be times where pupils will not be able to complete work due to illness or family circumstances. Don’t worry about it and just pick up the work again when you are able to. There is no formal work set for the Easter fortnight, but work is available if pupils want it.

If for some reason you cannot access teams there are some suggestions of websites where work is available on the Remote Online Learning page on our website: https://cefnsaeson.school/remoteronlinelearning/

We will put some examples of daily timetables as suggestions on the website. These are only a guide. See if one fits your circumstances and have a go. There will also be a weekly competition put on the website for those that fancy a go!

This week and from time to time, probably on a weekly basis. You will get a ‘keeping in touch’ phone call from a member of staff at the school, form tutor or pastoral staff, just to say hello and answer any questions you or your child might have. This will start after the Easter fortnight.

Finally, on behalf of all my staff, I would like to wish you well in these difficult times.

Stay Safe,

Dave Cole