Dear Parent/Carer

As part of the Track and Trace process we have to inform all parents/carers of a confirmed positive case in school.  We can confirm that there was a positive case in school last week whilst only year 7 pupils were in, however the person did not come into close contact with the Year 7 pupils.

There was an admin error yesterday when a letter was sent as it had the wrong date and the subject heading was a positive case in Year 7, this was not the case.  Please find attached the letter with the correct date for information purposes for year 7 parents/carers only.

Also the message that was sent on Facebook last night mentioned that the letter was from a previous case in October.  Again this was not the case, the letter does not reflect any positive case in October.  Parents/Carers are informed whenever there is a confirmed case and have been since the start of Covid.

We can only apologise for any confusion this may have caused.  The letter attached is correct and it was an adult within the school not a child, and Year 7 were not confirmed cases

Thank you

Click the link to read the letter