Why does finding healthy ways to express yourself matter?

Finding healthy ways to express ourselves creatively is one way of looking after our mental health. When we are able to find creative, enjoyable ways to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas, this can make us feel good and help our mental health, especially through challenging time

We often get told by our family, friends, school, communities and through social media how we ‘should’ look, think, speak, and act. These constant messages about what we ought to do, and who we ought to be, can make it difficult to let go of expectations and express our true selves. But being able to do so is important for our wellbeing.  How can self-expression can help boost and support your wellbeing?

Watch this video illustrating the different ways in which creative self-expression can help to support your wellbeing:

Being creative and  expressing yourself can help you to relax and de-stress. This can generate “feel-good” endorphins which can lift your mood, help you feel empowered, and create a sense of identity and achievement.