Year 9 Options Choices for 2018
The end of Year 9 in Secondary Education marks a crucial stage in a student’s school life. All students will choose subjects and courses which lead to qualification by external examination.

Under this curriculum, there are a range of subjects which must be studied and most of these will be assessed through externally assessed examinations.

The options form must be completed by all year 9 pupils, and returned by Friday the 16th February 2018
Y9 Option Choices 2018

Engineering and Hair & Beauty Skills 2018
NPTC Information for pupils starting their Engineering/Hair & Beauty Skills course in 2018
NPTC 14-19 Programme

Compulsory Subjects
These are the compulsory subjects
•Mathematics (including numeracy)
•Science (Double Award)
•Skills Challenge Certificate
•Physical Education/Games

Optional Subjects
Three subject choices may be made from the following:
•Art and Design (GCSE)
•Construction (BTEC)
•DT: Product Design (GCSE)
•Drama (BTEC)
•Engineering (Award)
•Food and Nutrition (GCSE)
•French (GCSE)
•Geography (GCSE)
•Global Business Communication (Award)
•Hair & Beauty Skills (Award)
•Health and Social Care (GCSE)
•History (GCSE)
•Humanities – History (Entry Level)
•Information Technology (GCSE)
•Music (GCSE)
•Physical Education (GCSE)
•Prince’s Trust (Certificate)
•Religious Studies (GCSE)
•Science (Triple Award (GCSE)Textiles (GCSE)
•Tourism (Award)
•Triple Science (GCSE)

Further information on each subject is available on each of the links below

Compulsory Subjects
English 2018
Mathematics 2018
Science (Double Award) 2018
Welsh 2018
Skills Challenge Certificate 2018

Optional Subjects
Art and Design 2018
Construction BTEC 2018
DT Product Design 2018
Drama 2018
Engineering 2018
Food and Nutrition 2018
French 2018
Geography 2018
Global Business Communication 2018
Hair and Beauty Skills 2018
Health and Social Care 2018
History 2018
Humanities – History 2018
ICT 2018
Music 2018
Physical Education 2018
Prince’s Trust 2018
Religious Studies 2018
Tourism 2018
Science (Triple Award) 2018